Tickles offers all the social pedagogic conditions so that the infants grow in a happy and healthy manner, providing the parents with the feelings of trust, satisfaction and tranquility, established in a institution characterized by professionalism, dedication and joy.


Located in Rua São João de Brito, TICKLES is a bilingual (Portuguese/English)  teaching establishment for children from their first months of life till the end of 1st Cycle.

Our educational team promotes through the individual voice of each child, facing it as a active being and author of it’s own history.


Our nursery is equipped with high quality material where babies can grow and develop in a harmonic and adventurous environment, always supervised by experient and qualified professionals.

Day Care

The day care center was thought and developed  keeping in mind the norms and practices that provide a healthy growth of our children as to allow the staff team to establish a procedure of active and differentiated learning.

With children up to 2 years old, our professionals develop the educative action, creating challenging environments and appropriate opportunities and interactions, so that the children can acquire independence and autonomy and  develop constructively their competences, keeping in mind their interests and needs, as a priority.

Pre School

In kindergarten, we resort to a wide range of educational activities ,for children of all ages, such as gymnastics, English, dancing, drama, between many others. Our professionals always keep in consideration that “nothing reaches the spirit without first passing through the actions” (Aristóteles), and so provide the infants with multiple opportunities to interact with their surroundings, as for example, with vegetables, animals, and objects in a general manner, and also the use of artistic expressions and new technologies of information and communication in order to access knowledge.  We  guide these activities without the passing of knowledge being the main concern, focusing instead in guiding children in the construction of their own knowledge based on the living of new experiences, observations and reflection on themselves.

1st Cycle


Tickles’ 1st Cycle believes in a methodology with permanent articulation between what we know and what we are.

Based on a multidisciplinary team involved in the student’s formation,the courses of  Portuguese, Mathematics, Environmental studies and English are articulated with others* that promote, with expressions, ICT and project works, the soft skills essential to the development of the 21’st century citizens and professionals.

Tickles also values learning to learn and use this knowledge with a critic position, in order to be able to explain ideas in a team work environment and develop the self confidence and perseverance required for such.

*Emotions Management; Biology; ICT; Aloha Mental Arithmetic, Performing Arts, Music , P.E, English, Robotics  (Lego), Arts

The Garden

Our garden is a privileged space within the city, that provides healthy  interactions and games while keeping the children in contact with nature, in a controlled and safe environment. Besides of the presence of birds, our garden is also habited by our pet rabbit, “Bernas”, which is everything but shy and loves to play with children.


Besides the different rooms and equipments, Tickles provides modern installations appropriate for children of different ages. This installations allow not only an effective operation as they also provide the necessary comfort so that both Tickles staff and it’s children may reach their maximum potential with major happiness.

Study Academy – Tutoring

This school year, Tickles has opened a Study Academy – Tutoring. It is a service for external students in which they can have individual or group tutoring lessons, always accompanied by qualify tutors, directed to all levels of education.

We work with greatest efficiency on a high school performance and students development throughout their academy path.

The study Academy – Tutoring will function every day at the week from 5 pm to 9 pm and on saturday from 8 am to 1 pm.

Curricular Organization

Nursery and Pre-school

In the nursery and pre-school we intend to promote integrated learning that starts from the characteristics and interests of children involving several areas of knowledge in an articulated manner.

Plastic expression:

  • Promote creative and aesthetic experiences;
  • Promote cultural knowledge of the artwork and it’s artist.

Dramatic expression – Story time – Theater:

  • Develop the taste for stories and reading;
  • Stimulate expression and disinhibition.

Musical expression:

  • Promote contact with different works and styles of music.

P.E (Physical Education):

  • Develop personal and social skills through games.

English (daily):

  • Get in touch with the English language through daily dialogues;
  • Promote the appropriation of vocabulary through diverse socio-pedagogical strategies.

Science Workshop:

  • Promote scientific literacy of children based on experimental activities, starting from elements of their daily lives.

Oral and written expression:

  • Develop oral expression as a way to communicate and structure thoughts;
  • Promote contact with written language in a playful and functional environment.

Domination of the logical and mathematical reasoning

  • Develop the organization and interpretation of data processing;
  • Promote the knowledge of geometry, measures and standards through games and experiences.

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies):

  • Promote a critical handling of ICT’s.

1st Cycle


  • Encourage the taste for reading;
  • Develop the interpretation of each story;
  • Promote the initiation of literature education;
  • Stimulate public presentations.


  • Learning through educational materials;
  • Mental calculation challenges.

Environmental Studies:

  • Citizenship education;
  • Learning with real experiences.


  • The English Programme is based on a Communicative Approach methodology;
  • It develops the Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing skills.

Project Work and ICT:

  • Develops a liking for discovery of new knowledge;
  • Promotes group decision making and collaborative work;
  • Strengthens persistence and initiative.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic:

  • Discipline with a playful and interactive character;
  • Develops Student’s intelligence through key tools: Calculation with the abacus, mental arithmetic and educational games.

Technical and scientific workshops:


  • Investigate and search;
  • Collaborate and communicate;
  • Create and innovate;
  • Promoting security, responsability and respect in digital environments.


  • Study of life’s phenomenon;
  • Creating hypothesis;
  • Finding answers;
  • Experimenting and collecting information;
  • Organising information in order to lead to conclusions and communicating them.


  • Methodology of teaching through Lego Kits;
  • Construction of projects and robots;
  • Incentives group work, cooperation, planning research, decision making and promotes dialogue and respect of different opinions.

Performing Arts:

  • Space and voice awareness;
  • Developing skills for public presentations;
  • Improvisation in daily situations;
  • Developing and recognising body language.


  • Explore artistic possibilities;
  • Release the expression in the process;
  • Create work with motivation and happiness;
  • Construe new working techniques.

P.E. (Physical Education):

  • Stimulate dynamic coordination;
  • Develop sharing capacity.


  • Develop musical culture through the contact and study of instruments and composers;
  • Stimulate the pleasure of listening and making music.

Study Hall:

  • Recognizes Students’ motivations and interests;
  • Strengthen Students’ persistence and initiative;
  • Build responsibility and confidence;
  • Develop work and study habits.

Emotions Management:

  • Understanding and managing individual emotions;
  • Developing relations based in trust;
  • Foster empathy and conflicts management;
  • Comunication and body language;
  • Motivation and wellbeing.

Our English program is destined for children from 3 years old up to 9/10, preparing and carefully drawing in order to assure their preparation for the Young Learners of Cambridge exams.

The English program for the 3 to 6 years old is based in a TPR methodology (Total Physical Responde) and for the 6 to 9/10 years old it is centered in the Communicative Approach. Each methodology focuses on the development of each child’s Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

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The classrooms & classes

Our classrooms are large, with natural light, equipped with all the necessary material for the social pedagogic activities, creating comfortable, happy, stimulating, safe and creative environments, that every child lives as their own.

Months Old

Class Size


These bunnies are very playful !
Classroom: Nursery

Months Old

Class Size


A room with chimpunks is an adventure room!
Classroom: 2 years

Months Old

Class Size


A room of fearless Wolves.
Classroom: 4/5 years

Months Old

Class Size

Study Academy – Tutoring

Support in all subjects from the 1st cycle until high school.

Months Old

Class Size


A room with Duckies? What will come out of here?
Classroom: 1 year

Months Old

Class Size


A room filled with very strong Lions!
Classroom: 3 years

6/10 ANOS
Months Old

Class Size

1st Cycle

Personal growth side by side with future success!

Months Old

Class Size

Aloha Menthal Arithmetic

Discipline with a playful and interactive character;
Develops Student’s intelligence through key tools: Calculation with the abacus, mental arithmetic and educational games.


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Telephone: 22 618 2000
Fax: 22 616 8124
E-mail: tickles@tickles.com.pt
Address: Rua S. João de Brito, 344 – Porto

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